BOP Hoses

Blow Our Prevention

Hydrasun specialist hose solutions allow customers to meet the stringent specifications for Blowout Preventer (BOP) and well control for subsea and topside applications.  With both solutions Hydrasun can provide a complete  product supply & manpower installation package with containerised workshops for on-site testing & flushing efficiencies.

Topside Application - Firemaster 16D

Topside Application - Firemaster 16D

Hydrasun's Firemaster 16D hydraulic hose system is designed to address the strict specifications required for blow out prevention and well control on topside applications. 

Subsea Application - <br> Subsea BYPOD®

Subsea Application -
Subsea BYPOD®

Hydrasun's Subsea BYPOD® hose delivers blow-out prevention control in the subsea environment.

Hot Line Hoses

Hot Line Hose

Hot line hoses supply Hydraulic fluid to the BOP control system while its being deployed to, or retrieved from, the seabed.  They are typically supplied in long lengths (approx. 12,000 ft) from stock with 1" ID, 5000 psi.